How to Put on RMPP Dog Booties

Putting on RMPP dog booties is simple with our patent pending design. Just use the provided shoe horns and watch the video below.

It may take a few times to get the hang of it, but once you do it's quicker and easier than messing with buckles, velcro, and cinch ties!  

It is also extremely important to make sure the fit is right. The booties WILL FALL OFF if the fit's not right. Before taking them outside, we recommend performing the "pull test" as demonstrated in the video below. If the booties easily slide off, a smaller size is needed. 

Things to remember: 

  • the process is the same for our leather and winter dog booties
  • insert the shoe horns half-way into the bootie
  • make sure they are aligned on either side of your dog's paw
  • pry them apart to create an opening for your pup's paw
  • then squeeze the sides of the shoe horns together as you slide them over the paw
  • you can try with the neoprene shims tucked in first, but if it's too tight, try with just one tucked in or tuck them in after they are on
  • before adventuring outside, perform the "pull test" on front and rear paws to ensure a snug fit
  • voila! You are ready for adventure!