Our Story 🐾

How did RMPP come to be? Here's a little video explaining our inspiration. For those that prefer to read, our story is also written below. 

We are Ryan and Jill, creators of Rocky Mountain Paw Protection. As active dog owners, we have always owned a set of dog booties. We would use them on rare occasions, when hiking on hot desert rock or through deep snow. We tried many kinds over the years and were always annoyed by the design. They never stayed on and we often lost them. 

Fast forward a few years and we found ourselves living in the Colorado mountains, where we were able to cross country ski out our back door. Those daily skis became our morning and evening walks with the dogs. To prevent the inevitable hard ice and snow that forms between their paw pads, we began using our dog booties almost every day. In fact, we ordered two sets from a new company we were sure would work! 

Unfortunately, we spent more time looking for lost dog booties than we did skiing. Frustrated, we thought "hey, we should make our own dog booties!" But it wasn't until a couple of months later when our beloved dog, Ender, injured his toe and had it amputated, that we would be pushed to do so. 

To keep Ender's wound dry and to prevent him from licking it, he wore dog boots every day. Not only did they fall off on every walk, but we noticed they were starting to cause secondary wounds. Since Ryan knows a thing or two about sewing (our other business is Valentich Goods), he decided to go back to the studio and get to work. 

After many prototypes and field testing, we finally arrived on the design that would launch Rocky Mountain Paw Protection, which brings us to the present day! 

RMPP dog booties are built for adventure! They feature a moccasin inspired design with deer leather soles, which help ground your dog to the earth. It’s a natural feeling that they will love! The Doccasins (as we like to call them) not only protect your pup’s paws from the elements, but they are extremely comfortable to wear. No buckles, cinch ties, or zippers to cause abrasions. They are also easy to put on with our revolutionary shoe horns. 

But, we are not stopping here. We will be releasing a water moccasin that stays on even when wet, and a snow moccasin that will be perfect for snowy winter adventures. Be sure to follow our the journey on Instagram @rockymtnpawprotection