What type of closure is used?

RMPP dog booties are unique in that they don't have any closure system. Unlike other booties that utilize velcro, cinch ties, buckles, or laces, ours are tailored for a snug fit.

But how do they stay on?!?

Instead of relying on a closure to make the bootie wide enough to slide over your dog's paws, our patent-pending shoe horns pry the neoprene cuff open so the booties can slide over.

They are extremely lightweight. Four RMPP boots weigh what one of our leading competitor's boots weigh.

How do you put on rmpp dog booties?

Hey, would you look at that! We created this video just for you.

do they work for dew claws?

Yes! RMPP booties are so soft and pliable that they comfortably slide over dew claws. By using the provided shoe horns, you can easily put them on without snagging.

Can you wear rmpp booties on hot pavement?

Sure thing! We crafted RMPP booties for both the wilderness and city adventures. These sleek boots provide top-notch protection for your furry friends' paws on scorching streets, all while boasting some seriously breathable deerskin leather.

Can you wear rmpp booties in deep snow?

Yes! Our Winter Dog Booties were designed for deep snow!

Are they breathable?

Our Summer Dog Booties (Doccasins) are incredibly breathable! Deerskin leather is actually one of the most breathable materials, which is why it's paw-fect for protecting your pup's paws.

Are they durable?

Leather Dog Booties

Deerskin leather is unique in that it's soft, supple, pliable, yet extremely strong and durable. And when you purchase a set of RMPP dog booties, you get a set of 6 dual sided booties, so you are essentially getting 12 booties for the price of 4.

We do recommend keeping your dogs nails trimmed short to avoid premature wearing.

Winter Dog Booties

Our Winter Dog Booties are made with neoprene, which is fantastic at staying on in the snow, but your pup's nails may eventually cause abrasions.

We recommend adding on the Gear Aid Neoprene Repair Cement, which is easy to use and the repair is considered permanent.

It is best to apply as soon as you notice wear. This will prevent holes from forming and will increase the longevity of the booties.

When will you have small sizes available?

We don't have a date, but we continue to work on a small paw solution!

Where are RMPP Dog Boots Made

All RMPP Dog Boots are 100% made in Colorado! ⛰

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