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Winter Dog Booties


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Keep your pup’s paws safe and sound this winter with RMPP Winter Dog Booties. No more frozen paws filled with ice balls or raw tender pads from salty sidewalks, just paw-tection in style! 

RMPP Winter Dog Booties:

  • will not fall off no matter where your adventure leads 
  • patent pending design makes it easy to get on and off 
  • no buckles or zippers to rub and cause abrasions (ouch!)
  • made with ultra soft and comfy neoprene 
  • dual sided for longevity and ease of use 
  • sold as a pack of 6, just in case... 

How RMPP Dog Booties Are Different

Rocky Mountain Paw Protection dog booties are built for adventure. If you have an active dog that loves to be by your side no matter the conditions, these are the dog booties for you!

Designed and built in Colorado for our own active dogs, we created a dog bootie that would stay on in feet of fresh powder, shield their paws from jagged terrain, and would actually provide not just protection, but comfort! 

Our innovative patent pending design ensures a snug fit - no more wasting half of your hike looking for that elusive lost dog bootie. Simply use the provided shoe horns to easily slide the booties onto your dogs paws and voila! - you're ready for adventure!

Where to Wear

RMPP Winter Dog Booties are designed to be worn in the snow. They are ideal for snowy hikes, skis, but they are not designed to be worn on streets, rocky trails, etc.

We will be re-releasing our Leather Dog Booties soon and they are designed for a variety of terrain.


Available in Medium and Large, our Winter Dog Booties are stretchy and will fit a slightly wider range of paw sizes.

To ensure a perfect fit:

Step 1: Print out our Size Guide using standard 8.5 x 11" paper.

Step 2: Grab a butter knife!

Step 3: Place your dogs paws within each box. Make sure they put weight in their paws. Measure front and back.

Step 4: Align a butter knife to the side of their paw and draw a line on each side.

Step 5: Choose the size that is closest to your pup's paws.


Our Winter Dog Booties are made with neoprene, which is fantastic at staying on in the snow, but your pup's nails may eventually cause abrasions.

We recommend adding on the Gear Aid Neoprene Repair Cement, which is easy to use and the repair is considered permanent.

It is best to apply as soon as you notice wear. This will prevent holes from forming and will increase the longevity of the booties.

Shipping + Returns

Ships within 1-2 days

We want your pup's paws to be happy, so if they don't LOVE the booties, return shipping is on us.

Dog boots must be in unused, unwashed, brand new condition. We understand that it is necessary to try on the booties, but please make sure to do this inside.

Love the booties, but size isn't right? Please contact us and we'll be happy to exchange them.

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Winter Dog Booties
Winter Dog Booties
Winter Dog Booties
Winter Dog Booties
Winter Dog Booties
Winter Dog Booties
Winter Dog Booties Winter Dog Booties
Winter Dog Booties
Winter Dog Booties

How To Put On RMPP Dog Booties